Prostate Cancer has some frightening statistics, but one in particular stands out….

This year, as many as 12,000 men with early stage prostate cancer will receive the same invasive treatment as men with advanced cancer

Prostate cancer treatment is advancing all the time 

Today, there are newer, less invasive treatment options that can provide better lifestyle outcomes for men with an early stage prostate cancer diagnosis 

But these are rarely offered as a first choice. 

That needs to change, now…

Currently in almost all cases of early stage prostate cancer men will be routed towards surgery or radiotherapy which are basically the same options given to men with advanced cancers. These treatments are highly effective and even essential in the right circumstances, but to routinely use these options for early stage prostate cancer means men who could live normal lives will, in most instances, experience unnecessary and life changing side effects. 

Research and new treatments are advancing all the time, but sadly the roll out of these newer less invasive options throughout the NHS is not as fast as could be desired.  This means that in the UK more than 8,000 men, and perhaps as many as 12,000, this and every year will be routed down these invasive treatment pathways, often highly unnecessarily. 

Among the latest advances is focal ablation which is being used to great effect in the NHS, but sadly only in a few very limited hospitals. This means that just a small percentage of the men who could benefit (about 2%) receive this – or are even aware that this option is available to them. 

So, Prost8 UK as a charity is working with forward looking hospitals and clinicians (and you the public) to raise funds to deploy better equipment to accelerate access to these new treatments – as well as lobbying the NHS to roll them out faster than current planned. 

It is a complex business selecting the best treatment option for a man with low risk prostate cancer.  That is why we are working with some of the UK’s top NHS urology and cancer consultants and clinicians who have identified focal therapy as the most effective way to treat the cancer while retaining lifestyle functions. 

Focal therapy encompasses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and Cryotherapy.  HIFU uses focused ultrasound waves to create a point of extreme heat the size of a grain of rice which destroys cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Cryotherapy uses a very thin needle inserted directly into the tumour which creates a tiny ball of ice to destroy the cancer cells, again with minimal collateral damage.  

Sadly, although fully approved for use within the NHS focal therapy is not being rolled out fast enough with planned deployment being measured in years rather than months.  Every day there is a delay up to 30 men with low grade disease will receive invasive treatments which result, unnecessarily, in a very high risk of permanent incontinence, erectile dysfunction and the associated psychological and emotional damage associated with this.

This must change, and we at Prost8 UK aim to do just that – BUT we need your help!