men are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the UK


men will die this year, most due to late diagnosis


increase since the 1990’s, prostate cancer is on the rise

1 in 8

men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime

Prostate Cancer has some frightening statistics, but one stands out….

This year, as many as 12000 men with early stage prostate cancer will receive the same invasive treatment as men with advanced cancer

Prostate cancer treatment is advancing all the time 

Today, there are newer, less invasive treatment options that can provide better lifestyle outcomes for men with an early stage prostate cancer diagnosis 

But these treatments are rarely offered as a first choice and that needs to change, now…

Currently in almost all cases of early stage prostate cancer men will be routed towards surgery or radiotherapy which are basically the same options given to men with advanced cancers. These treatments are highly effective and even essential in the right circumstances, but to routinely use these options for early stage prostate cancer means men who could live normal lives will, in most instances, experience unnecessary and life changing side effects. 

Research and new treatments are advancing all the time, but sadly the roll out of these newer less invasive options throughout the NHS is not as fast as could be desired.  This means that in the UK more than 8,000 men, and perhaps as many as 12,000, this and every year will be routed down these invasive treatment pathways, often highly unnecessarily. 

Among the latest advances is focal ablation which is being used to great effect in the NHS, but sadly only in a few very limited hospitals. This means that just a small percentage of the men who could benefit (about 2%) receive this – or are even aware that this option is available to them. 

So, Prost8 UK as a charity is working with forward looking hospitals and clinicians (and you the public) to raise funds to deploy better equipment to accelerate access to these new treatments – as well as lobbying the NHS to roll them out faster than current planned. 

It is a complex business selecting the best treatment option for a man with low risk prostate cancer.  That is why we are working with some of the UK’s top NHS urology and cancer consultants and clinicians who have identified focal therapy as the most effective way to treat the cancer while retaining lifestyle functions. 

Focal therapy encompasses high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) and Cryotherapy.  HIFU uses focused ultrasound waves to create a point of extreme heat the size of a grain of rice which destroys cancer cells without damaging surrounding tissue. Cryotherapy uses a very thin needle inserted directly into the tumour which creates a tiny ball of ice to destroy the cancer cells, again with minimal collateral damage.  

Sadly, although fully approved for use within the NHS focal therapy is not being rolled out fast enough with planned deployment being measured in years rather than months.  Every day there is a delay up to 30 men with low grade disease will receive invasive treatments which result, unnecessarily, in a very high risk of permanent incontinence, erectile dysfunction and the associated psychological and emotional damage associated with this.

This must change, and we at Prost8 UK aim to do just that – BUT we need your help!

Breaking News….
Focal Therapy provides new hope for men where prostate cancer returns after radiotherapy.

28 May 2020.   Prost8 UK have joined Imperial College London to announce a brand new way to use focal therapy for men who’s prostate cancer has returned after radiotherapy.  This means greatly improved lifestyle outcomes and avoids some potentially horrific side effects experienced with current traditional treatments.  

 As featured in The Telegraph Saturday 30th May (read here)

Dr Deepika Reddy, lead author on the study, based at Imperial College NHS Foundation Trust, said, “This study provides more evidence that focal therapy should be considered in men whose cancer is suitable for a minimally- invasive approach.”

Prostate cancer did not progress after six years in three quarters of the men in the study, and less than one in a hundred experienced significant complications. The procedure could benefit 10,000 men at any time with recurrent disease as, well as a further 12,000 per year with early stage prostate cancer.

Read more……

Focal Therapy – a true story.

Read the story of Prost8 UK’s founder, Paul Sayer, who has experienced focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment for prostate cancer.  As featured in the Mail on Sunday Health Section October 13th 2019. 

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Help us to help men with prostate cancer to have better lifestyle outcomes.

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Prostate cancer awareness and treatment today is effectively where breast cancer was 20 years ago…

The amazing advances in awareness, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer over the past two decades is testament to the unrelenting work of the many breast cancer charities and their amazing campaigns. 

Add to this the advances in breast cancer research, screening and treatment within the NHS and it has led to a true revolution.

Simply getting women to talk openly and honestly about breast cancer all those years ago led to today’s greater awareness of symptoms, earlier diagnosis and to greatly improved survival rates.

Thanks to this great work there are many 1000’s of women who are alive today and enjoying long fulfilling lives with, and after, breast cancer.

It’s now the time to do the same for men with prostate cancer!

Catching prostate cancer late can mean that many less invasive treatment options are no longer available, and that will seriously impact lifestyle outcomes – permanent incontinence and erectile dysfunction being the two major concerns.   Not to mention greatly reduced survival rates.

There have been some astonishing breakthroughs in prostate cancer treatment in recent years.  These come under the banner of focal ablation and include HIFU,  high intensity focal ultrasound, which uses extreme heat and Cryotherapy, which uses extreme cold, to target and kill just the cancerous tumours without harming surrounding tissue and organs.   

But to benefit from these treatments, early diagnosis is essential.  Sadly access to these treatments can also depend on where in the UK you live.  This should never be the case and that needs to change!

Join us in the fight. After all, it is a 1 in 8 chance that one day it will be YOU or someone you love!

Caught early Prostate Cancer is one of the most survivable cancers

BUT, caught too late it is one of the least

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* Men of Black African/Caribbean decent are twice as likely to develop prostate cancer – up to 1 in 4 – so it is even more important to get checked if you experience symptoms.

Three Peaks Madness Challenge

The ultimate iron-man challenge to climb the UK’s 3 highest mountains; Scafell Pike (England, 978m), Mount Snowdon (Wales, 1085m) and Ben Nevis (Scotland, 1345m) all in just 24 hours.  

Adrian Rogers is attempting this feat in memory of his father who died from prostate cancer on Christmas Eve 2018.  Please support Adrian and Prost8 UK now on GoFundMe – click here.

What will PROST8 UK do?

  • Awareness: Launch a collection of high profile celebrity led campaigns to promote new levels of awareness about the symptoms and signs of prostate cancer
  • Better Treatments: Raise funds to equip NHS surgery units with new treatment equipment, such as HIFU, giving 1,000’s more men each year the chance of better lifestyles outcomes after prostate cancer
  • Earlier Screening: Campaign to widen the availability of new prostate cancer screening methods that are more accurate and far more cost effective
  • Inform: Help to highlight the amazing work of the other specialist charities working with prostate cancer in the fields of research, patient information and essential nursing care

What can you do?

  • Support our campaigns by joining in…
  • Take part in one of our many fun, celebrity led fundraising events – click here to explore
  • Join in with our unique crowdfunding campaign in partnership with GoFundMe to help donate vital equipment – find out more

    To be part of the crusade just sign up below to receive updates and all the latest news

Prost8 UK Announce Major Crowdfunding Partnership with GoFundMe

£7m plan to fund and donate revolutionary new treatment units for men with early stage prostate cancer across the UK

Prost8 have partnered with GoFundMe, the world’s largest non-profit Crowdfunding platform, to launch a major campaign supporting prostate cancer sufferers throughout the UK.

The aim is to donate equipment to enable the NHS to offer wider coverage of a brand new type of treatment for prostate cancer known as HIFU, high intensity focal ultrasound, across the UK over the next 3 to 5 years.

This will provide literally 1000’s of men diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer in England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland can benefit from a far less invasive treatment option than currently available.

HIFU is no more harmful than a traditional ultrasound scan,  just like that used to scan babies in the womb.  However, the device uses multiple beams of ultrasound which, when focused onto one point on the  prostate, generates a tiny point of heat that destroys the cancer cells leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

The procudure takes about 1 to 3 hours and is usually just a day stay procedure with patients returning home the same day to recover in comfort.

The crowdfunding campaign is unique in that it has one national umbrella covering the UK but with 14 sub campaigns each focused on the NHS’s geographic regions.  Contributers will fundraise directly to support the deployment of a HIFU device in a stategic hospital in their own region.

Everyone who donates will receive a new limited edition Prost8 supporters lapel pin and will also be entered into a fun celebrity led draw to win one of three amazing ‘Once in a Lifetime’ experiences (more details to follow).  Sign up for our email newsletter to ensure you are first in line to take part and to hear about this and other great events and campaigns.

Latest News:

Prost8 UK receives official Charity Commission registration

On Thursday 21st March 2019 Prost8 UK was confirmed as an official charity in the UK under no: 1182590. 

This is the culmination of much hard work by the team behind the new campaigning and funding organisation working to promote better treatment choices for men with early stage prostate cancer.  Now the real work begins in earnest……….

Prostate Cancer

Learn more about Prostate Cancer, its symptoms and treatments.

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Carl Pilkington gives in to a prostate examination 

Prostate Cancer is certainly not a light-hearted subject, BUT if a little bit of humour gets people involved and helps to debunk the fears and taboos that surround the process, then let’s use humour! 

If we can encourage just one man to get checked in time then it is a job well done.

If Carl can do it, so can you…..

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and, of course, Carl Pilkington show just how simple the process of a prostate examination is – in their own inimitable way!

Important warning: contains strong language!
Video courtesy of dailymotion.com

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