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PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) Testing Explained

Prostate cancer does not always present with symptoms in the early stages and quite often by the time symptoms are noticeable the cancer may have moved to an advanced stage.  As the UK does not have a national screening campaign this means that many men go undiagnosed until they are at an advanced stage. Critically, […]

How Does Cryotherapy Treat Prostate Cancer?

Cryotherapy is a type of treatment that uses sub-zero temperatures to freeze and eliminate cancerous prostate cells. It is also known as cryoablation and cryosurgery. During the procedure, thin needles put into the prostate and gas is then passed down the to destroy cancerous cells. Who Can Have Cryotherapy? Cryotherapy can be a suitable treatment […]

Prostate Cancer Screening: Today And The Future

When evaluating someone with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS), the doctor will use the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) along with a physical examination (including a digital rectal exam or DRE). In addition, a number of tests will be undertaken, such as a urine test called a urinalysis. Depending on the clinical situation, some other […]

Prost8 UK Initiative Launches at The Palace Of Westminster

On Thursday 11th July Prost8 UK officially launched in the Palace of Westminster. The event marked the formal launch of our initiative to accelerate the availability of less invasive prostate cancer treatment options by taking action to raise up to £10m over the next two years. This is so Prost8 UK can buy and deploy […]

Prostate Cancer Symptoms Never to Ignore

Prostate cancer, in its early stages, doesn’t usually have any symptoms or warning signs. The cancer only normally raises a concern if the tumour presses against the urethra and causes changes to your urine flow. And, because the cancer typically appears in a different area of the prostate, there are no symptoms in the early […]