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Website goes live and announces major prostate cancer campaign

The brand new Prost8 UK website launched this week ( 

The website lies at the heart of an amazing collection of celebrity led events and fun awareness campaigns to get men, and their loved ones, to be more aware of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. 

Prostate cancer kills more than 11,000 men each year, that is a shocking one man every 45 minutes.  In fact despite some massive campaigns by some very committed and respectable charities and organisations, the numbers of men being diagnosed every year has increased by 44% since the early 1990’s.  That makes prostate cancer one of the few cancers to be increasing when the trend for most other cancers is a reducing one.

Visit the website to find out about how we are fighting prostate cancer in terms of campaigning for earlier and more effective screening and raising funds to donate equipment to ensure better treatment leading to near normal lifestyle outcomes. 

The aim is to prevent any man with early stage prostate cancer from having to uneccessarily endure the traditional surgical or radiotherapy based options just because their region does not have the latest treatment equipment available, such as HIFU (high intensity focal ultrasound).

And, to play your part, join us in the UK’s largest ever Crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to buy and roll out the new far less invasive prostate cancer treatment equipment across  the UK.

After all, there is a huge 1 in 8 chance that YOU (or a loved one) will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in your lifetime! 

The aim is to donate equipment to enable the NHS to offer wider coverage of the brand new HIFU treatment for prostate cancer across the UK over the next 3 to 5 years.  By donating at least one device to each of the 14 NHS regions in England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland we can enable literally 1000’s of men with early stage prostate cancer to benefit from a far less invasive treatment option than those currently on offer. 

Sign up to be among the first to hear about the Crowdfunding campaign other great celebrity led events and awareness campaigns. 

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