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Prost8 UK announce Major Crowdfunding Campaign

Prost8 have proudly partnered with GoFundMe, the largest non-profit Crowdfunding platform in the world, to launch a major campaign supporting prostate cancer sufferers throughout the UK. 

The aim is to donate equipment to enable the NHS to offer wider coverage of a brand new type of treatment for prostate cancer known as  HIFU, high intensity focal ultrasound, across the UK over the next 3 to 5 years.  This will provide literally 1000’s of men with early stage prostate cancer in England, Scotland, Wales and N.Ireland to benefit from a far less invasive treatment option than those currently on offer. 

HIFU is no more harmful than a traditional ultrasound scan, just like that used to scan babies in the womb. However, the device uses multiple beams of ultrasound which, when focused onto one point in the cancer tumour, generates a tiny point of heat that destroys the cancer cells leaving surrounding tissue  unharmed. 

The procudure takes about 1 to 3 hours and is treated as a day stay with patients returning home the same day to recover in comfort. 

The crowdfunding campaign is really unique in that it has one national umbrella covering the UK but with 14 sub campaigns each focused on the NHS’s geographic regions.  Each Cancer care region will be able to take part by donating to support the deployment of a HIFU device in a stategic hospital in their own region. 

Everyone who donates will receive a new limited edition Prost8 supporters lapel pin and will also be entered into a fun celebrity led draw to win one of three amazing experiences (more details to follow).  Sign up for our email newsletter to ensure you are first in line to take part and to hear about other great events and campaigns. 



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