Three Peaks Madness in 24 Hours

Prost8 UK supporter Adrian Rogers is taking on a monumental physical feat to support our work.

Adrian is attempting the arduous Three Peaks Challenge all in just 24 hours in an attempt to raise £5000 for the charity.  His motivation is to complete the challenge in memory of his father Bryan who passed away from prostate cancer on Christmas Eve last year (2018).

Adrian says that he now wants to help Prost8 in providing better screening to catch the disease earlier to enable access to less invasive treatment options for all men with an early stage diagnosis.  To make this reality the charity is fundraising over a two year period to buy and donate new less invasive treatment options into each of the 22 NHS Cancer Care Regions across the UK.

The challenge in itself consists of the climbing the UK’s 3 highest mountains; Scafell Pike (England, 978m), Mount Snowdon (Wales, 1085m) and Ben Nevis (Scotland, 1345m) in just one day.

To put the challenge into perspective it involves 23 miles of walking distance, a 3064-metre ascent and a 462-mile drive between the peaks – all in just 24 hours!

ven for the fittest of people, climbing the 3 peaks is a monumental feat to complete and only a small percentage of people who attempt the 24-hour version of the challenge achieve it.

Please support Adrian and Prost8 UK by donating on the GoFundMe page.

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